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Your LEGO Universe Memories

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Your LEGO Universe Memories

Post  Cheesey on Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:56 am

We never will and can't forget LEGO Universe. Share any of your memories here! (I'll add mine in later. Smile )


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Ahhhh memories........

Post  Brickpower on Tue Feb 26, 2013 12:48 am

There was this one time were: I would copy pie's outfits, and he would try to change what items i dont have Razz we both had the same hair and face (he had a Smile face and i had Very Happy face so)

Also this one time were i:wanted to sell some hot dogs, I dressed up like a cheif and wore some cooking tools and set up my cart in nimbus palaza, there i was selling my burning hot dogs for only 100 coins and making a fortune THEN 20 min later A MYTHRAN comes up to me and says "One hot dog please!" I put my trade up put the hot dog in and BOOM he put 100,0000 coins for JUST ONE HOT DOG!!! trade ended, i gave him a huge thank you (btw i was rank two so i was needing some money for rank three also this was back in 2011) and then he ate it and shot fire out of hes mouth (also there was a huge crowd just adding up more and more ppl just watching) and i said "lol" and THEN ANOTHER MYTHRAN came up and got another and did the same thing Razz and then ppl were saying like "Mythran's at palaza" and "Its a mythran convention!" and then we chated and left saying "Good luck with the hot dog business brick Smile Bye explorer" So yeah that was fun Very Happy (shouldnt have got that on film Mad )

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