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McCTF (A Minecraft Capture The Flag server)

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McCTF (A Minecraft Capture The Flag server)

Post  MachoFromLU on Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:12 pm

On Pie's server, I talk a lot about McCTF to Pie, Le7els, Jet, and some others, but I know not everyone on these forums know what it is. McCTF is a Minecraft Capture The Flag server. It has four basic classes (Heavy, Medic, Archer, and Soldier), and six premium classes (Chemist, Ninja, Pyro, Engineer, Assassin, and Necro.) When the server opens from the previous map, you have sixty seconds to explore the map, get to know it, and choose your starting class. After the sixty seconds, the game begins and everyone on the server will be divided into two teams. Every class has it's pros, cons, and counters. You find the enemy flag in their base, and run next to it to steal it. When you return to your flag, it must be there to capture the enemy flag. If it's there, run next to it and the enemy flag is captured. Some maps require three points to win, some require two, and one requires five. My two favorite McCTF hosts are and Try it out!


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