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Rules of the LU Project

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Rules of the LU Project Empty Rules of the LU Project

Post  Cheesey on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:34 pm

Rules as of 5-13-11

User IS bound to these rules regerdless of whether or not they are read in full!

1. Please do not use foul language!
Unlike some other forums and/or sites, the fact that this forum remains free from constant, post-by-post moderation (like the official LMB's are), does NOT mean you are free to use foul language on this forum. Filters are set up, and will be constantly improved as the forum matures. Workarounds that are found will be IMMEDIATELY added to the list of censored words, along with any related workarounds.

2. Please do not spam!
We won't ban you or anything for mild, harmless spam (such as bad grammar), but please note that some spam may be deleted at any time. If you spam, you do so at your post's own risk. If you spam profusely, you will be banned as is/if needed. Also, please note that this includes double posting. If you have something else that needs to be said, edit your original post instead! We WILL ban you if you continue to spam, purposefully and constantly.

3. Please do not post inappropriate pictures, videos, links, or other media!
Links and other media will be removed if deemed inappropriate (material must NOT break our rules or it WILL be removed), and you could banned depending on the offence.

4. Please be kind and respectful to all users!
Please do not flame here, and please don't insult any users here. To prevent this further, please do not post material that reflects political views. We have some ourselves, but sharing them could offend some of our visitors, so please keep such beliefs and principles private. Please keep religious views in your signature bearing in mind that anything overtly offensive could be removed if deemed necessary by the staff.

5. Please do not post personal information!
No matter where on the World Wide Web you are, there will ALWAYS be someone looking to use ANY bits and pieces of information you provide. Although we do our very best to prevent this, there are still certain things that are out of our controll. Please do not post your real name, phone number, age, street address, or other similar information. Such information will be removed for your safety. Please do NOT use a personal picture for your avatar!

6. Please do not discuss hacking!
Discussion of such activities will result in a ban, and you will be reported to the proper people.

7. Please try to stay on topic!
Going off topic could result in punishment, if deemed necessary by our staff.

8. Please keep links where they belong!
Links do NOT belong in posts, unless they are dealing with the topic of your discussion. Advertising is not allowed at this time.

9. Please do not discuss inappropriate/illegal activities!
Discussion of any form of *Censored*, *Censored*, *Censored*, illegal activities, etc. will result in an immediate ban. Filters are in place to prevent such discussion, and are updated frequently and as needed.

10. Please do not post direct quotes from the LEGO Kids' Inner Circle blog!
Since the LKIC owners don't necessarily enjoy it when LKIC members post ANYTHING seen in the LKIC blog as a direct quote, we would kindly like to ask you to resort to paraphrasing instead - ONLY if the information applies to everyone, and not only the LKIC members.

11. Please do not post in a topic that is older than two or three months old!
If nobody has talked about a certain subject in more than three months, then nobody wants to talk about that subject anymore!

12. Lego does not legally permit leaked images with a "Confidential" watermark to be shared on fan sites. Henceforth, such posts with said material or information will NOT be tolerated.

If you have any further questions about the safety or about a post you are unsure will be rule-breaking, please feel free to contact PieMaker or myself!

And remember... Failure to follow these rules can result in...
Rules of the LU Project VSeclHn

Welcome to the forums and have fun!

Founders PieMaker and Cabey9

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