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Post  awesomo5000vids on Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:20 pm

Hi everyone well I thought of a story it is kind of a back story to my manga so I thought I would share it with all of you and tell you when my manga is starting and stuff. So yeah enjoy CHAPTER 1: Creation A long time ago there were 6 demons and the 4 guardians they had been at peace for 8 ages then IT happened. The god of deceit was born by the guardians Shigeramoto and Hajime the god of deceit told the demons that the guardians wanted to bring war to the underworld and kill the demons so the demons attacked and killed all including the god of deceit the only one left was Shigeramoto. It seemed he was done for when a mysterious man appeared bringing with him the dead souls of 8 ancient warriors this battle is what created Earth when it was created Shigeramoto promised he would be the one to protect the good souls when they died so thus he spun the weaves of the very fabric of time to create Heaven. The god of deceit's spirit possessed the body of the mysterious man and promised to torture the bad souls when they died and took over the Underworld the 8 ancient warriors re-incarnated and became the 8 masters guild. Chapter 2:Time Aeon the wisest of them all became the master of time he took the 8 masters guild oath so he can't betray them until the day he dies "The masters are a way of life I will serve until the end of time noone else can live this life because I am the master of time" I have to go I'll finish it later

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