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haxor A TRUE STORY Empty haxor A TRUE STORY

Post  awesomo5000vids on Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:30 pm

well take in this is a true story. I don't care for proper exclamation or anything so just lower case letters and .

Nobody knew but before lego universe ended there was a secret war going on nobody knew and they didnt get credit for taking out hackers This is a story about one of those heros
and his team The TEMPLARS Shocked

Chapter 1:preparation
A young sentinel warrior on the brink of a great awesome battle he was a bright adventrous man he once went to otrodils prop as a innkeeper didnt get so much so he became prince and his king logged off and he got to be king. so he got 3 princes a queen and 2 pincesses so noone was on his prince called a meeting with one other prince and both the princesses and then the the king logged back on hhe asked his prince what was going on he told the king and the king agreed to help be co-leader. they showed the hazbeen king or hero what they do they showed him there base and everything. then they got the news one of there own was a rat and created team aon a major hacking team it was a bad day for the heros new team the templars.

Chapter 2:a hacking detail
"Now is time to prove you can lead us" "don't worry i'll give you a show whats the mission" "there is a hacker at otrodils take him out to lose a hacking war you have to be killed by a hacker 3 times because that is when they are able to hack into your account I don't know why but whatever right for you to beat him you gotta kill him twice the first time they get a warning for hacking the second time IS BAN Very Happy " . "weird rules but thats the way it is i suppose" so our hero sets off for otrodils and gets shot at by a weapon not able to be in a game "A MINIGUN UNFAIR DUDE" "so" while being chased our hero finds a place to hide and jumps off the tower full throttle to kill the hacker but then as soon as our hero the hacker made a giant gap in the ground it looks like the end of our hero.

Chapter 3:the glitchinator
Our hero seemed like he was gonna lose but there was more than one layer of the ground to delete than the first one so our hero pretends to fall and eventually finds a glitch to get in through a castle wall. them he attacked and killed the hacker "thats probably not the last of him and when hes back i will finish this" our hero is done with otrodils for now and meets up with his now co captain SirRichard167.the next day our hero went to his prop and found it being attacked by the guy from otrodil "no way your getting away this time" and a huge duel started noone was certain then the unbeleivable happened a mythran came up and gave our hero a sword of awesomeness that shot lasers the mythran couldnt do anything against the hacke but our hero could and that sword wa the end of LONEWOLFTI45.

Chapter 4:the first true battle
the hero gave back the sword and found that it was one of his friends Elementron well sorta friends they hold very short friendly conversations sometimes so the hero was on his way to the base.and when he got there he found out 4 of aons troops were in fv so our hero made a team of 4 with him SirRichard stromtalon and quickcrazytyphoon. they went to fv and got in a fight at the launch pad quick crazy typhoon was lost and 2 of aons troops were lost they retreated before the rest of the templars could finish them. No and then they found an extramember GMary nobody liked her but our hero and her made friends together the hero asked the team and most said no ecept a few people and sirrichard.

Chapter 5:a new friend
so our hero showed GMary the ropes and after that THE BIGGEST HACK WAR IN HISTORY Crying or Very sad shethe hero sirrichard stormtalon were on a team the requirements were everyone had to be in teams of 4 loyts of aons members and some other hacking teams were there templars were seriously outnumbered but that didn't stop them . GMary had smahsed 5 hackers our hero about 16 sirrichard 12 stormtalon unkown he was killed near the begining after a lot of of kills then an unkown hacked mythran profile came up out of nowhere and shot at our hero it was most certainly the end.our hero was doomed but GMary ran in front of our hero and got finished off. "NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo No Crying or Very sad YOU WILL PPPPPPAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY " our hero then ran up to 5 hackers and they felt his wrath his lego universe gf was hacked. the hackers ran away and the templars and there allies took bad casualties.

chapter 6:revenge
"dude don't run away I'm sorry " "SHUT UP RICHARD it should have been me " the hero was angry he wasnt gonna stop until he killed the hacker that killed GMary and thats what was gonna happen. he hunted that guy down but he could never find him pale no matter where he went the other guy left so he had an idea an ambush. he was gonna hide behing the busy bustle of people at nimbus plaza and then the guy came he followed the guy back to the guys prop. and that is where he knew he had to try to end it it was the leader of a major hacking team. but his friend richard had a motto "no friend left alone" and richard followed his friend from behind.and then they knew exactly what they had to do.

dhapter 7:the end of an un-noble team
richard and our hero knew there revenge was to come and they flanked the haxor but he was a hacked mythran profile and was to quick they both had one thought in mind the end of team bombers.a mythran no point iin fighting atack after attack no way to win but then the hero realized mythrans can ban and kick other mythrans except 3 have to the hero called his good friend elementron and he came right away he sent messages to other mythrans they believed him filed a report and the next day.the hacked mythran was gone then our hero knew him and richard ended the bombers.

Chapter 8:the defense of nimbus station
it was 2 in the morning richard a couple of guys and our hero are up preparing for a battle the haxors are gonna attack nimbus station "when do you you think they coming richard"
"don't know bro" . then suddenly the haxors came "hey #$%*@#)*#% we're here" it was a battle and it went so far out everywhere at nimbus station then at the glitch spot there was a major even glitchier glittch. and the glitch area was destrooyed templars base was gone but the haxors were warded off and they won but there was no way to have there base back.

Chapter 9:the fall of the templars
with no base and no leads the templars couldnt stay around they were all still friends and such but the templars were gone.with no order of buisness everyone had to go back into the shadows and they still fought but they could never participate in a real battle again.and our hero sirrichard and more than 25 people were disappointed at the fall of an organization they all put there dedication into.

Chapte 10: REUNION
it has been 3 months since the fall of the templars and they have finally met together again because of one reason team aon needs to be stopped.sirrichard and our hero found a lead on where the last of aon are and they tell the rest of the team or original team and head towards aons new base they fight in the glitch that was just found and that is where it wiill end ''you ready to finish this maniac" "i was born ready man this must end" "hey aon we're here to finish wat we started". the end of aon was soon to come it was an equal and long battle where maniacheroiccrayon figured out that this was the end of the haxor wars.many in the last battle of the haxor wars were beaten but maniac sirrichard and about 15 more were still alive aon was destroyed so the rest of the templars were all friends and welll the rest is history.

hope u liked my story guys it is a true story any questions post it here and ill answer AWESOMO AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol!
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haxor A TRUE STORY Empty Re: haxor A TRUE STORY

Post  Le7els on Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:09 pm

haxor A TRUE STORY Citizen-kane-clapping

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