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The Power Family story.

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The Power Family story. Empty The Power Family story.

Post  Brickpower on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:30 pm

My father told me about my history and it was amazing! He said i come from a family that had great power! each of there names at a purpose mine was "Brickpower" meaning the power of the Brick, so heres the story, ENJOY Very Happy. A long time ago maelstrom attacked to brothers named Legopower and Brickpower they were just little studlings and they were sent away from there parents witch they did not know much of.... and so Legopower was sent to Gnarled Forest and Brickpower was sent to Brick Annex, Legopower was found at a Stromling pirate camp and he was saved by a space pirate named Hael Strom he took care of him and teached him about the Venture League till he was 10 years old, so Lego got a mission that he was ready to join the Venture League, he traveld to Nimbus Station to get hes first kit but a rushing minifig bumped right into him and..... that minifig was hes big brother BRICKPOWER (but he did not know)! Brickpower was found on a sparkling island right next to Brick Annex, he was just 1 so he didnt no what to do till a very strange minifig came up to him and said "hey little guy my name is Dr. Overbuild and you are... oh thats right you cant say much wait... whats that say on your shirt oh it says Brickpower hmmm thats a very cool name kiddo, follow me i want to show ya something" So Brickpower followed him to hes lab there were all kinds of stuff and right when Brick seen the Assembly logo he wanted to join so bad and Dr. Overbuild said "once your 10 years old you can join ok" all those years Dr. Overbuild teached him about Building and the Assembly now hes 13. Lego: Hey watch it! Brick: Sorry im in a hurry, someone knows about my family and i gotta find out! Lego: Family! you dont know your family well... i dont know my family either... Brick: Really? do you even know your parents? Lego: No... but i do know what my last name is.... Brick: Really what is it? To Be Continued...... What could happend next? Part 2 coming soon!
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