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Imagination's Call

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Imagination's Call Empty Imagination's Call

Post  Cheesey on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:26 am

Imagination's Call

Chapter 1: The Call


As he looked back from his rocket, the new Nexus Force recruit saw an enormous explosion of pure chaos blow up part of the once magnificent recruit and supply transport ship, the Venture Explorer. A purple cloud was whisked into the gaping hole. The Explorer looked like a shipwreck in  space. But the recruit knew there was still somebody on board. Bob. Bob had saved him from being blown to nothing like the rest of the ship by guiding him to make a rocket and how to escape with doomed ship. The recruit. turned back to face into deep space.

The recruit's name was Jonathon. He wore jeans and a black minifigure shirt. He knew his mission: to stop the massive power of chaos rising in his world - the Maelstrom. All it brought was chaos and destruction, and Jonathan was going to give them that in return. After what he had just seen, he knew his duty was to the Nexus Force.

He felt the new power he had been given - Imagination - running all over his body. He knew with this, he could make a difference in the Universe. 

In the distance, a faint outline of a floating island appeared - Avant Gardens. After that, another island, Nimbus Station came into view, followed by countless property islands with amazing creations and homes. Eventually, he could see all the remains of the planet Crux.

Before him were the tall, powerful peaks of Avant Gardens. He was getting closer.

His rocket began the far-to-quick decent to the landing pad in Avant Gardens. Just before he hit the ground, his rocket steadied out and Jonathan jumped from the cockpit. 

He looked around and saw the beauty of Avant Gardens corrupted by the Maelstrom. The Assembly Highway, even though it was made of the strongest bricks, was collapsed in 2 places. Buildings lie smoking, burning to the ground. Minifig sizes purple creatures ran on the grass. 

"Stromlings," he thought, remembering the name of one of the few creature's names Bob had informed him of.
He stepped off the landing pad. He knew he was ready. 

He knew Imagination was calling.

Chapter 2: Avant Gardens and Beyond

While in Avant Gardens, Jonathan did missions for many minifigures: Minifigs from the Paradox, Assembly, Venture, and Sentinel factions of the Nexus Force. He received a lot of gear and weapons as rewards for his efforts. As he did the missions, he was most inspired by the Sentinels. Their bravery and strength were outstanding among all the other factions. Their skills in weaponry were outstanding. Then and there, Jonathan decided he would become a member of Sentinel. 

He trained hard, and fought bravely. He continued his missions and surprised the mission givers with his skills.

Stromling after Stromling he smashed. But every time, a new one came. So he fought harder, and teamed up with other recruits.

The team was so successful, the mission givers had them sent off to Nimbus Station early to choose their faction.

The next day after receiving the letter from the mission givers, Jonathan blasted off to Nimbus Station to choose his faction. His first kit he decided on was the Space Ranger. With his new gear, he set off to explore the other worlds of the Universe.

His gun was amazingly powerful. It wasn't like the other Space Ranger guns he had seen. But, he shrugged to himself, and thought he must be imagining it. 

Being a newer recruit, no one paid Jonathan any attention. But that was all about to change when the Sentinels on Nimbus Station asked him to come to a meeting.

Chapter 3: Missions

Jonathan's newly bought Sentinel Rocket touched down in Avant Gardens one afternoon. The Sentinel's had seen something in their new recruit and had given him a special mission. He had also received a gas mask from the Sentinels so he could enter the spider cave. 

He raced past the monument and onto the Avant Gardens battlefield. A soldier saluted him, knowing Jonathan's mission. On the battlefield, Jonathan smashed the Stromlings that got in his way, but otherwise kept moving toward his goal. He put the gas mask on hid head and stepped inside the spider cave. 

When he walked into the fog, all he could feel was the presence of the Maelstrom. He shivered. But he knew he was ready for this.

Jonathan was shocked at being chosen for this mission instead of one of the other thousand or so Sentinels. What had made him stand out? He looked down at his blaster. Maybe it had been some sort of suprise for him too. 

What was so odd about this mission was that he knew he was very inexperienced. He had only visited Nimbus Station, Avant Gardens, Gnarled Forest, and the Venture Explorer!

But, he knew there was no time to ponder all this, so he continued through the fog.

His mission was to spy on the Spider Boss himself, and to find the Spider's weakness. 

Jonathan knew he couldn't be seen, or he'd be smashed. He slowly went down the cave and in a large cavern, he saw the Spider Boss almost right away.

It was impossible to miss. It was huge, glowing, and walking on four electric legs. His eyes gleamed with evil. And Jonathan realized it was looking at him.

And the oversized  arachnid didn't look happy.

Chapter 4: Maelstrom Menance


A bolt a electricity flew past Jonathan's head. He couldn't believe how the spider had found him so quick. Jonathan jumped out of the way of another mad electric blast. He ran and hid behind a nearby rock and loaded his Space Ranger guns. He lifted the guns above his head and shot randomly. The Spider Boss just got madder. 

The Spider Boss hissed and fired electrical blasts at Jonathan. Jonathan heard the Spider Boss coming closer to his hiding place.  He panicked and kept shooting. 

He was angered at himself for his foolishness. I just let him find me! He thought. And now I'm going to pay for it.

The Spider Boss crushed the rock Jonathan was hiding behind with one quick movement of his leg. Jonathan ran for it. 

But as he walked for the entrance of the cave, he saw hundreds of Spiderlings blocking his way. He was trapped. He turned to face the Spider Boss. Maybe speed is his weakness, he thought. He ran at full speed and slid under the Spider Boss's legs. Jonathan had been right: The Spider Boss could have been faster. 

The monster hissed and launched in pursuit.

Jonathan continued down the cave, deeper in. He was sure the Spider Boss was still chasing him from the sound of metallic clicks and hisses. Jonathan had no idea where he was going. He just had to escape.

A blast came out of nowhere and hit him in the back. He flew a few meters before he sat dazed, on a pile of rocks. His armor had protected most of the blast. He stood up and continued.

Chapter 5: Up and Out

Jonathan couldn't believe the size of the cave. It kept going and going.

There was hardly any pain in his back now, but his legs were tiring out.

Thankfully, a little while later, Jonathan stumbled upon a small opening of light at the top of the cave. He wanted to stop and take a break, and the Spider Boss had probably given up on him already, but Jonathan wasn't taking any chances. 

He began to climb the rocks that led to the opening. It was a long and grueling climb. The boulders were set up at almost a straight angle. He kept slipping as the fragile rocks slid underneath him. 

About one hour later, he reached the opening. He was so relieved and worry-free when he saw a Stromling peak it's head through the opening, he freaked out. 

Jonathan instantly lost his grip and went tumbling back into the darkness. 

A long time later, he was at the top again. He sat down outside the opening and took out a journal and began writing notes down about the Spider Boss. When he was done, he looked up. Where am I? he thought.

Chapter 6: Lost

"Rats.... Can't even see the Monument from here, or anything familiar...."

"Oh no..." said Jonathan. "I'm lost!" He stared at his feet blankly, wondering why he had never thought of the possibility. "Gotta get back to Nimbus Station," he said out loud. 

He climbed the side of the rocky cave and began to walk above it. It was plenty thick and stable.

In the distance, he saw a mountain. From there, he would see everything! he thought. He set out in the mountain's direction. The path was dangerous. An occasional Spiderling came his way, but he smashed them with ease with his Space Ranger guns. 

Night came quickly, as he had been in the cave for a long time, and Jonathan was forced to set up camp. He took out a tent from his pack and built it easily with his imagination. Firewood was in plenty around the cave, and with his matches, he had a good fire going in no time. 

Jonathan had nightmares about the Darkitect throughout the night. Some were even about the Spider Boss.

When he woke up, he set off again toward the mountain. The rocks began to slope higher and the path grew more even more difficult. But he didn't stop. He knew if he did, he would be smashed by something that roamed around here. Although the mountain was still a long way off, Jonathan was hopeful and determined.

Chapter 7: The Minifigure

Jonathan packed up camp and raced toward the mountain, which was closer than ever after his two day trek. He was about to start climbing when a hiss sounded behind and a powerful force landed on his back. The Spider Boss hadn't given up yet. 

Jonathan knew this had to be the end. He slowly thought in his head what a fool and disappointment he had been - not only to the Sentinels, but to himself. The crushing on his back grew worse and Jonathan began to slink from consciencness. He looked up for what he thought was the end, but instead of seeing his captor give the smashing blow, a minifigure jumped to his rescue and began fighting off the Spider Boss with his simple sword. Jonathan watched in aw as the minifigure pushed the beast back into the hole from which it had emerged. His vision blurred.

Then blackness. 

When he woke up, the minifigure was building Jonathan's tent. A small fire was burning besides him, and the smell of soup filled the air around the camp.

"Thank... you..." Jonathan groaned. 

"Try not to talk," said the minifigure. "That spider crushed your lungs. And it was my pleasure to help you." He smiled.

"How... how did you find me...?" asked Jonathan weakly. 

"Long story."

Chapter 8: The Minifigure's Tale

"I'll take it your lost," continued the minifigure,"like me. I'm an Assembly member. I was sent with team of 4 people to try to make the caves safer for minifigures to enter, so the Spider Boss could be defeated more easily. We were a highly experienced group, but even we were not prepared for the dangers that we had no idea lay ahead. When we entered the cave, we were shocked at how dangerous it was. Spiderlings were everywhere and the Spider Boss himself caught are scent and gave chase. The rest of the team was smashed. They rebuilt safely outside the cave, but I haven't seen them since. I raced ahead to get away from the Spiderlings, but they blocked the exit hole I assume you came out of. I went farther up the tunnel and found another escape hole. I put my Assembly Engineer gear and and smashed the little Spiderlings with my personal fortress. The Spider Boss was unaffected and he scuttled back into his cave. 

"I have been searching for a way back to civilization for many days now. I ended up going in the wrong direction. I have seen many things out here that no one else has seen." he paused and Jonathan looked at him with interest.

"Then I saw this mountain, and knew from the top of there, I could see and find a way back."

"I got lost, and I followed this mountain, too, so I could find a way home..." said Jonathan. 

"I think I'm ready to go." Jonathan continued. "Let's find a way back to Nimbus Station!"

"Take it easily," the minifigure said. "That Spider Boss has hurt you quite badly." There was a strange twinkle in his eye as he said, "We should never underestimate chaos."

Chapter 9: Climbing Avant's Highest Peak

After resting, the duo decided to head on out again. The problem the faced was that a whole ridge of mountains blocked their way. It would take a long time, but they would reach the top eventually. As the climbed, they told stories about their incounters with Maelstrom enemies and about exploring the Universe. 

Jonathan learned that minifig's name was Fred. Fred told Jonathan about how he had gotten to Avant Gardens by building his own rocket on his home world and launching there to start his quest to defeat the Maelstrom. 

The top was getting nearer and Jonathan and Fred raced to get to the top. 

Out of nowhere, another Maelstrom Spiderling jumped from behind a boulder. He grabbed Jonathan and knocked him down the cliff. He dangled on the edge of a far more deeper pit, slowly sliding. He managed to grab one of his Space Ranger guns and shot at the Spiderling. He heard Fred shout something he couldn't here. And the sounds of a short lived battle rang above. 

Fred began to run toward Jonathan as he slipped further and further off the cliff. He jumped down and grabbed Jonathan. He had grabbed empty air.

Instinctively, Jonathan brought out his guns. He shot below him and a boulder fell off the side of the cliff and blocked his fall. He fell hard, but he was still in one piece. He didn't know how'd he'd get up, but that was the least of concerns. He was wondering if Fred was still ok up at the top of the cliff. 

"I'm alive," he whispered. Now he knew even small Spiderlings had to be destroyed. They were corrupting the Universe. He took out his journal and read his notes about the Spider Boss. Life is different now, he thought. I can't just stay here. I'm a Nexian!

Chapter 10: Stuck

Jonathan wished a Mythran would just stop by and give him a jetpack to get out of the pit. He had tried everything to climb out but with no success. The only place left to go was the chasm. 

The chasm? he thought. That place could be a way out! There could be exits down there or something! He scooted slowly toward the edge and peered down. All he saw was blackness. Should he jump, or not? 

He knew it was the only flicker of hope getting out of there alive. But it was very risky. He could, and he probably would, smash. But what were his other alternatives? he thought. Wait for Fred or a jetpack? 

His decision was made. He would jump. He went closer to the edge and stood up. He didn't look back as he sailed off the edge, for if he had, he would have seen his own rope from his tent being lowered to save him. 

Jonathan tumbled through the blackness. Up ahead he saw a cliff. He reached out to try to grab it. His left arm hit the surface first and it took on the full force of his fall. He managed to grab on with his good arm and he hung there, breathing heavily. 

After a while, Jonathan began to slowly drag himself up. The process was painful, but he did it within a matter a minutes. When he reached the top, he collapsed, unconscious. 

Meanwhile, Fred brought up his rope. His friend was gone. He sighed deeply. 

Fred packed all the possessions and left, never to return to the mountains.

Chapter 11: The Cave

A few hours later, Jonathan woke up. He groaned as he sat up. The pain in his arm was worse, but he could still move it, so it wasn't broken. 

He surveyed his surroundings: all he could see were the edges of the cliff and the blackness in head of that. Then a thought struck him. Where was the light coming from that enabled him to see the cliff? 

He whirled around and saw a cave with a dull glow emitting from it. He wandered forward into the mouth of the cave. And there, far down the passage was an opening. He couldn't believe his luck. Out of all the places he could have fallen, he fell in place with an easy escape.

Jonathan half ran, half stumbled to the opening. A day must have passed, because it was early morning. Once again, he was lost, but he wasn't lost underground at least. He had survived before, he could do it again, he thought to himself.

Again, he looked around. He couldn't believe his eyes. There, in front of him was the Monument. 

"Yes!" yelled Jonathan."I did it!"

He ran toward it and he quickly found his way to the launch area. Never had he been so happy to see the orange and grey well-trodden road. When he reached the launch area, he rocketed straight to Nimbus Station, ready to report for the Sentinels once more. 

Chapter 12: Returning

His rocket touched down and he ran down the green path. He reached Nimbus Plaza in seconds. No one was there. 

"Hello?" he asked aloud. "Anyone here?" 

Jonathan had no idea what was going on. The usually crowded Nimbus Station was deserted. He searched the concert: no one. Then he smelled smoke. He whirled around and saw flames and thick dark smoke coming from the race area. Jonathan took out his feeble squirt gun and ran over toward the fire.

At the Race Place, a huge meteor sat in a crater on the ground. Maelstrom creatures covered the ground and the race track blazed. Up ahead, the Nexus Gate was opened and the spaceship was gone. Jonathan thought he knew the answer: Maelstrom had infiltrated Nimbus Station somehow, and everyone had to evacuate. But it didn't add up. How had the Maelstrom gotten there in the first place? He knew one thing, though. He had to get out of there.

As he ran back to the launchpad, a colossal force blew him off his feet and an enormous explosion sounded. Another Maelstrom meteor had landed.

Jonathan put in tons of extra fuel in his rocket that had been lying nearby, so that he would be able to reach Planet Crux, and from there Nexus Tower, where probably the citizens if Nimbus Station were.

He blasted off as another meteor crashed into Nimbus Plaza. Jonathan shivered. What was happening? 

Chapter 13: Nexus Tower

Jonathan flew through the Nimbus System to far away Planet Crux. As he got closer, he saw the millions of pieces of the destroyed planet. He touched down on a rock. In the distance stood Nexus Tower, with the red spaceship right next to it.

The tower was the most clossasal structure he had ever seen. It was a greyish blue color. Out of the top was the the legendary pure source of imagination.

Jonathan looked around in his backpack for some more fuel to get him to Nexus Tower. He found what he needed and poured the tank in and made a makeshift launchpad for his rocket. He jumped in and blasted off again toward the tower.

Instantly, he knew something was wrong. He was flying way too fast.  He pulled on his lever to put on the breaks. He slowed down but not nearly enough. He knew he had to make it to one of the 3 launchpads to get inside. But, at the rate he was going, crashing through the wall might work, too.

Jonathan was nearing too close. He saw only one risky solution left: kill the engine. He shut it off and the results were almost immediate. The rocket lost altitude but quickly began to nose dive downward to the middle launchpad. 

Then he lurched his body hardly to the right and jumped. The rocket flew below and exploded and Jonathan fell on to the launchpad. He was breathing heavily and he stood up. The commotion got a few Nexus recruits out of the tower. They helped him into the building.

"Where do you need to go?" asked one of the recruits.

"I need to get to the Sentinel level immediately. I must speak with Duke Exeter." replied Jonathan.

"Level 3. Just take that elevator up ahead."

"Thank you!" said Jonathan and he hurried off to the elevator. He had never seen his "boss" before. Jonathan was feeling a little timid.

Once inside, he pressed the "3" button and the elevator slid smoothly upward. The doors opened and Jonathan stepped out. He was definitely on the Sentinel level. Gold and blue covered the walls. And near a shiny metallic desk was Duke Exeter himself.

Duke wore his silver and blue armor. At his side was his legendary sword and shield.

Duke was studying a map of the Nimbus System. When Jonathan walked over, he looked up. "Hello, Jonathan. My generals have told me much about you. You were lost, I hear?"


"Well you're here now! We all make our mistakes," said Duke."We need, if you have them, your notes on the spider boss. "

Jonathan rummaged around in his backpack and pulled out his journal. He handed it to Duke."Thank you. Because of your help, we may be able to defeat the Spider Boss!"

"Thank you, Duke." Jonathan said, and he headed for the door.

"Wait!" said Duke after him."Feel free to stay. You just came in! Anyway, you have nowhere else to go. I'm assuming you have seen Nimbus Station? The Maelstrom have attacked through it's barriers. This shows they are getting stronger. And I want to hear your story." 

Chapter 14: The Maelstrom's Rising

"The Maelstrom have been given a power surge. Never have they been powerful enough to take over Nimbus Station after the first battle." said Duke Exeter to a large group of Nexians. "Baron Typhonus is growing stronger, too strong. We most retake Nimbus Station. It is home to many minifigures and it is a vital safe world for all of us. We must drive them out.

"I will send an army immediately. Those who wish to join the battle may follow me."

Jonathan and many others stood up and walked to Duke Exeter. "We're ready." they said.

Duke lead his army out into the main hallway. There they were joined by the other faction leaders and there faction armies. Even Bob was there, alive and well.

"Does everyone here have a rocket?" asked Bob.

Everyone except Jonathan said yes. Jonathan was given a new rocket and the huge group went to the 3 launchpads outside the tower and launched to Nimbus Station.

As they drew closer, they saw that Nimbus Station had taken on a dull, purple glow - a sign of the Maelstrom. 

When they were close to landing, some rockets were zapped from the sky. Minifigs crash landed to the ground. Some, like Jonathan, landed safely.

The instant Jonathan landed, he was overtaken by tons of Maelstrom creatures. Some he had never even seen before. Minifigs everywhere fought for their lives.

The Nexus Force was winning. The battle was tough, but the Maelstrom were no match for the well trained minifigures. The last creatures were being smashed. Everyone took on a last dragon in the Plaza and destroyed it.

As they cheered, Jonathan went over to the Race Place. Everything was in ruins. Purple meteors covered the ground along with various bricks. He searched wreckage for nothing in particular. He knew this would take a long time to repair.

All of a sudden, the sound of a howling wind erupted and Jonathan was blown back by an unknown force. 

He could still hear the other minifigures cheering behind him. That meant they hadn't felt or heard the weird things.

He was alone.

"I see greatness in you..." said a dark voice. "It's a shame to put an end to you...."

A bright light shown then blackness.

Chapter 15: The Darkitect

Purple streaks ran through the night. Jonathan was terrified. Who was this? He wished his guess was wrong. His guess was that this was Baron Typhonus, the Darkitect and controller of the Maelstrom itself.

"You have shown much bravery in the past days," whispered the voice.

Jonathan drew back. A purple cloud of smoke whisped in front of him and the Darkitect appeared.

Again, blackness.

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Imagination's Call Empty Re: Imagination's Call

Post  Cheesey on Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:37 am

Chapters 16 - 31

Chapter 16:

After Jonathan came to, he realized there was no longer the cheering of the minifigures, just the inpenatratable blackness.

"Wake up, Jonathan, " he heard a minifigure whisper. "We have to get out of here, and fast."

He looked up. He felt the minifigure pull him, but saw nothing. The way he took Jonathan's hand seemed strangely familiar. 

He stood up as the minifigure pulled him further and said, "Run!"

Explosions sounded behind them, and Maelstromic laughter rose above the trees. 

Together, Jonathan and the strange minifigure raced to Nimbus Plaza. The place was ablaze, and through the fire, he saw the outline of the minifigure. He was digging through the rubble, and tearing out various pieces.

With them, he built a rocket for 2 people. "Hop in!" he said.

Jonathan jumped into the rear seat, and the minifig jumped into the front.

"Hold on tight..." said the minifigure.

The engines on the rocket sprung to life, and sparks fired from the back.

 Jonathan heard a distant shout and a few grunts. Then, he saw a mass of purple flood over the race place wreckage toward the rocket.

"Umm...!" said Jonathan pointing at the oncoming mass.

"I know," the minifigure said worriedly. The rocket gave a violet lurch and starting speeding across the ground.

"This is why we use launchpads!" he shouted above the noise. He pulled down a lever.

"Come on.... Go up!" he said.

The Maelstrom continued to draw closer.

The minifigure continued to pull the lever. Jonathan reach in to help him, and the rocket blasted upward, melting the Stromlings who had been right behind them.

"You're Fred.... Aren't you...?" said Jonathan in disbelief and amazement.

"I have been called that before," the minifigure said as he grinned.

The two laughed as they flew away to Nexus Tower.

Chapter 17:

An hour later, Fred and Jonathan touched down on the Nexus Tower launchpad. 

"Good luck, Jonathan," Fred said. "I hope we will meet again."

"Bye, Fred..." replied Jonathan miserably. "Thank you... for everything. I wouldnt be here without you."

"Neither would I without you."

With that, he rocketed away. Jonathan tiredly walked down into the hallway, to give another report.

He went into the elevator and went to the Sentinel meeting room. 

The room was empty except for Duke Exeter playing away at his DS. 

"Erm... Duke?" said Jonathan.

The Sentinel leader jumped up and turned off his DS and shoved into his armor.

"Oh! Jonathan! I thought you had perished like so many others at that battle." he said warmly, but his faced showed that he was distressed. Jonathan wasn't sure if it because he lost a level of Super Mario Bros., or because of the battle.

Duke stood up, shook Jonathan's hand, and patted him on the back.

"It's good to have you back," he said, a grin creeping on his face.

He turned away and his expression became serious again.

"Nimbus Station is overrun by Maelatrom. Avant Gardens is falling. Typhonus is on the move. We need a powerful something to help us."

"What are you talking about?" asked Jonathan.

"The Imagination Sword of the mystic First Builders. It is said to be the most powerful weapon in existence. It's more powerful than mine, by far."

"But that's been lost... forever," said Jonathan walking over to Duke. "But do you know possibly a way to find it?"

Duke slowly turned around. He was grinning again. "I have my suspects."


An hour later, Jonathan quietly closed the Sentinel meeting room door behind him and went down to the main floor. He ran to the the Sentinel HQ and watched the recruits buy, chat and play the combat challenger.

He recalled Duke's description of the person he was trying to find:

"Black hair, rank 3 knight. He likes to play combat challenger, and he's good at it too."

Sure enough, as Jonathan looked down the combat alleys he saw the minifig he was looking for.

"Excuse me, Drake, if that's what you're called. I need to talk to you."

Chapter 18:

"I preferred to be called PeepMaster, but Drake will do." he said happily.

"Can you come over here?" asked Jonathan.

"Almost set a new high score.... Just a sec..."

A few seconds later Drake (a.k.a. PeepMaster) stepped out. "What can I do for you today?"

"Follow me, please we need to go somewhere private, where we won't be overheard," replied Jonathan.

Jonathan walked out into the hallway. When no one was watching, he ran to the other side and opened a small door. Drake followed him inside.

Jonathan closed the door. "Duke tells me you know something about the sword. The sword of the First Builders"

"I may know a thing or two..." answered Drake.

"I will pay for that information."

"Your payment isn't nessacary, Jonathan," said Drake. "You are a member of the Nexus Force! You are one of the highest ranking Sentinels around! I will not keep secrets from you that could help destroy the Darkitect and his followers!"

Jonathan was surprised it had been so simple. "So, what do you know?"

"It isn't located in the Nimbus System. It is beyond. I've been to where it's located," whispered Drake.

"Where beyond?" asked Jonathan.

"It was written about stories. Nothing much is known about it at all. Just it's name." said Jonathan.

"And it's name is...?" 

"Gallant 5."

Silence hung in the small room, and the word echoed all around them.

"Thank you. Thank you!" said Jonathan. He grabbed his back pack and started for the door.

"Well, see ya!" laughed Drake. "That was fun." he mumbled jokingly.

Jonathan raced back to the meeting room and asked Duke if he could get a flight to Gallant 5. After a brief conversation, they went down the elevator. Waiting at the bottom was Drake.

"Jonathan, take Drake with you. He knows that planet. As do I, but I must not leave this tower. I have to help the new recruits," said Duke. 

"Yes, sir," said Jonathan.

"Good luck," said Duke. "May Imagination be with you!"

Duke walked into the elevator and the doors closed behind him.

"Now what?" said Drake.

"We get a space cruiser out to the most mysterious planet in the Universe," replied Jonathan.

"Where would we find one of those?"

"You see these huge things that sit to the sides of the launchpads all day? Sucking in Imagination? I think it's a bit boring just watching them there all day. Let's give the recruits a cool surprise!" said Jonathan.

"Oh yeah! Those things are big, too!" said Drake and he whistled softly.

"We leave tomorrow morning."

Chapter 19: Gallant 5

After 2 hours of sleep, Drake and Jonathan prepared to launch to Gallant 5. An hour later, they were ready.

The border the spaceship through special doors on the Tower's 3rd level. 

"It's bigger that it ever seemed..." Drake exclaimed in amazment.

On the towers main floor, the recruits heard the sound of a massive engine starting up. They ran to where the sound was coming from: the launch area.

Hundreds of recruits of all different ranks, specialties, and factions clambered up on to the launchpads and starred in aw at the giant spaceship's lights flicker to life. 

Everyone was asking, "What is going on?!"

Mythrans even came to check out what was going on, but the minifigs for once did not pay them a glance.

Drake opened one of the back windows and said, "Bye, everyone!"

There were exclaims of, "It's PeepMaster!" throughout the crowd, but the noise was instantly muffled by the roar of the ship's engines as it blasted away from the tower at last.

Minifigures cheered. Mythrans just starred in amazement and wondered what was going on that Duke Exeter had once again had "forgot" to inform them of.

Jonathan, who was at the controls, blasted the spaceship away from the shattered remains of Crux Prime and into the deepest, most explored part of the Universe. 

"Hold on," said Jonathan. "We're going into hyper speed."

He pulled down a red lever and pushed a green pip on the control panel.

To make a long story short, they went super fast, and Drake had problems. 

Jonathan pushed the lever back up and Drake fell to the floor unconscious.

"We're there!" said Jonathan.

A few minutes later Drake groaned at sat up, looking a little green.

Outside was an enormous red planet with a spot of grey and green and even some water.

"We head for the weird spot," Drake said weakly as he sat back up in his copilot seat.

"Ok," said Jonathan.

The spaceship went diving down to the strange mysterious planet.

Just minutes later, they landed. When they came out, they were surprised to find the presence of Maelstrom goo.

"Tyhponus, yet again, is a step ahead of us..." whispered Jonathan.

Off in the distance, a deep roar sounded.

"That can't be good," said Drake.

The two walked ahead through the dark forest. 

After hours of hiking, In the center, they came across the temple of the First Builders.

The temple was futuristic looking, even though it had been built hundreds of years ago. The architecture was very advanced. The building was in a circular shape.

"These guys were good!" said Drake.

"No kidding..." breathed Jonathan.

As they walked to the entrance, they saw that the temple was collapsing at points. Rubble and Maelstromic Goo were everywhere.

"Oh no..." said Drake horrified. "Baron Typhonus might have the sword!"

Jonathan went in. Inside, there was a deep growl and flame came bursting out of the entrance, along with Jonathan.

"Whoa!!!" cried Drake.

"DragonS..." said Jonathan, emphasizing the S.

"How will we get in alive?"

"Take this," he answered, handing him some Crux Prime Armor. "It's my favorite armor. Hard to come by and not cheap."

Drake put it on. "Nice...."

"We're going in. Also, take this shield. You'll need it," Jonathan said, tossing him a shield also.


And they entered the dragons' lair.

They raced past, blocking the fire blasts with their shields. They eventually entered a room safe from the dragons, where they fell over, panting. 

In the same room, right in front of them, was the sword.

Drake rushed over to it. "Darkitect couldn't grab it himself, eh?" he laughed. "Instead, he puts all sorts of dragons gaurding something he desperatly wants." He walked over to the sword. "Look, you can just grab-"

He reached down to grab it and was thrown hardly against the wall.

"it..." finished Drake and he slumped over.

Jonathan rushed over. He was still breathing, so he was ok. The sword had just shocked him.

He went back over to the sword. He summoned his imagination and built a claw. With it he safetly grabbed the sword. The claw took the sword and carefully dropped it into his hands. He prepared for the shock, but it never came. Now he understood why the Darkitect couldn't grab it. He didn't have imagination.

He tested the sword. It's balance and weight were perfect. He saw a blob of goo up ahead and aimed his sword at it, ready to strike. But, instead, a flash of lightning and imagination shot out the tip of the sword. When it stopped, he looked at the goo. The imagination had poisoned it. It curled up and drifted away on on the winds of Gallant 5.

Jonathan went to get Drake, who he found awake.

"Let's go." Jonathan said.

As Jonathan turned to head out, Drake grabbed his shoulder. "This planet is dangerous. You must be careful. The Darkitect's power is strong. Use the sword," he whispered.

Jonathan nodded. And he continued out the door.

Chapter 20: Escape

Jonathan and Drake got easily past the dragons with the sword.

The two raced out the temple door. Blocking their path was a black fog. It was slowly joining together.

"Run," said Jonathan."Run!"

The two dashed through the fog and to their spaceship. The fog was turning into a minifigure. The Darkitect.

"I've had enough experience with that creep to last me a lifetime," muttered Jonathan, preparing the engines.

"Get out of here!" shouted Drake. "He's coming right now!"

The spaceship lifted into the air. The Darkitect didn't even try to follow.

"That's not like him..." said Jonathan. "He planning something."

They went into hyperspeed back toward the Nimbus System.


Back at Nexus Tower. Everyone was waiting. Duke Exeter had said he had received a transmission that they would be there any minute.

Again, the launchpads were filled with minifigures. Even Doctor Overbuild was out there.

Nobody said anything, and complete silence was over the tower.

A few minutes later, a minifig shouted,"It's coming!!!"

Instantly looked in the direction he was pointing at. Doc Overbuild squinted and looked into the clouds.

A low "ztz" sounded across the tower. It was coming from the clouds. 

Crackeling and on the verge of explosion, the spaceship plummeted through the clouds.

"Baron Typhonus..." whispered Doc Overbuild.

The ship missed the tower, and crashed down onto Crux Prime.

Everyone starred in horror as a mighty explosion sounded. Everyone peered over the launchpad, but only saw a dense black smoke rising beyond Nexus Tower. They were all whispering,"It was the Maelstrom...."

Aboard the spaceship, Drake sat in what used to be the copilot's seat, but what was now a pile of burned rubber. The control panel was totally destroyed, and part of the ship's metal skeleton was poking through the roof and crushing him.

He looked at his partner. All he could see were his feet. The rest of Jonathan was buried in rubble.

Drake squirmed free of his prison, and ran to Jonathan. He ripped the thinner melt chucks away. It soon became hopeless.

He sat down, defeated. His good, new friend wouldn't probably make it out alive.

Then he noticed the sword. He ran over to it and pointed it at the rubble. He focused. A bolt of te Imagination Lightning zapped out at the tip. It destroyed all the rubble around Jonathan.

He ran over to his friend and pulled him out.

"Thanks..." mumbled Jonathan.

Chapter 21: Home Again

Jonathan and Drake walked out of the wreckage. They were in the most untraveled part of Crux Prime. Since it was so unexplored, anything could happen. Anything.

They walked in the derection of the tower. The going was hard.

When the tower still very far away, they heard an engine drone above them.

"Rescue squad!" shouted Jonathan.

One of the pilots stopes a rope latter for them to climb to his helicopter. When the reached the top, Duke Exeter was waiting for them.

"We have to talk," he said. "Once we get to Nexus Tower, go straight to my desk."

The helicopters took off for Nexus Tower.

When they landed, they did exactly as Duke had said. When they were all at his office, they relayed the story to him.

At the end, Jonathan handed him the sword.

"Keep it," he said. "It's yours after all."

Shocked, Jonathan took it back.

"You may leave, Drake. You're help will not go unrewarded," said Duke Exeter.

As Drake headed for the doors, the a Sentinel guard handed him a Nexus Force shield MKIII. Duke winked at him. He starred blankly at Duke, then the shield, and fell unconscious to the ground.

The guards to Drake away, and closed the doors.

"Looks like he faints a lot. Anyway, are you ready for another mission?" asked Duke.

"Depends on what it is..." replied Jonathan.

"This mission should be no problem for you after what you've been through. I simply need to get that Spider Queen out of the picture. I've read over your notes several times, and I've decided that you should have a team of 4. These members will be the best of the best. There will be an Assembly, Venture, Paradox, and Sentinel member. The Sentinel will be Drake. That is, if he ever recovers." Duke said, and laughed. "I'm still finding good team members, but I can assure you they will be quick, agile, and armed with a variety of weapons. You will lead them, and be their general." He paused. "Do you accept this mission?"


"Excellent! I knew you would say that. Since you said yes, I would like to give you something besides the sword to help you defeat the Spider Queen." Duke went behind his desk and touched a space on the wall. The wall moved slightly toward Duke and became a door. A number pad came out, and he quickly entered a code. He opened the door and beckoned for Jonathan to follow.

Duke flipped a switch on the wall, and the small room shone with light, revealing tons of objects: Capes, rank 4 faction gear, Maelstrom Helmets and more.

Duke went to the far back wall and took out a brick. Behind it was a number pad. Again, he typed a password and a door opened.

He leaned inside and pulled out a huge gun with Sentinel colors.

He handed it to Jonathan. "This is protected for a reason. It's the exclusive valiant weapon for the Space Ranger. Usually exclusives like these are only given out to us faction leaders. It's very powerful. In the hands of a newbie, he/she could blow this place up." He slapped his forehead."I probably shouldn't make fun of newbies," he muttered.

"Well, anyway, you get the point. It's the best gun in the Universe. I'd like to see the Spider Boss try to come near you with that!"

"Wow..." said Jonathan, starring in aw at the powerful weapon. "Thanks...."

"Don't mention it," Duke said smiling. "And don't mention it to anyone, either. No one can know what this is. Understood?"

"Yes sir," Jonathan replied.

"I will gather the team tomorrow, and you will set off to defeat her. Good luck."

And Jonathan walked slowly out the Sentinel meeting room door, holding the 2 most powerful weapons in the Universe.

Chapter 22:

The next morning, the team set off to Avant Gardens with Jonathan leading them. They made a great team: The Sentinel, Drake, the Assembly Inventor, Lots O. Bricks, the Venture, Alyss, and some Paradox minifig who refused to say his/her name.

They were a tough group. They had done a few practice rounds of  combat challenger together, and finished, something only one of my friends did in LU due to a bug where the timer didnt stop.

When it was time for launch, the explorers waved good bye to the tower and their faction leaders. The first one to put down his rocket was Jonathan, and he blasted off to Avant Gardens, and the others followed.

As he flew over the planets, he saw the effect the Maelatrom had had upon the Universe. Crux Prime: A former world, now exploded and crawling with Maelatromic brutes of all sizes. Nimbus Station, being repaired after the last battle. 

As he neared the Maelstrom Mine, he pulled down on his brakes and landed his rocket on a high cliff.

"Make sure your rocket is in a place where the Stromies can't get to it," he said. "Then we'll head into that old mine and get ready to fight."

They walked into the entrance, smashing anything in their way. 

When they got to the tunnel to the mine, they heard sounds of Maelstrom creatures groaning, grunting and smashing. Everyone looked around but there was nobody.

"Strange..." said Alyss.

"Ah.... It was my cell phone," said Jonathan laughing, and the others began to laugh too.

Jonathan took it out.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Duke Exeter. I got confused. I need to clarify something."


"Here's a little background story. Long ago on a square planet far away, there was this so-called partner of mine, called Baron Tyhponus. That, you already know. But, when he first made the Maelstrom, he didn't make the Spider Queen. He made the Spider KING. That's what I need you to find and get again. I know with the new technology, we've been able to send all the new recruits back in that cave to fight and smash the spider QUEEN. She's weak compared to the king. So, don't fight her unless you need a warm up. Thought this might help. See ya, Jonathan."

"Er, see you around!"

He hung up. "Duke has just informed me of something interesting. There's a spider queen and king out there. We obviously want the king, but I'm thinking the queen might come in and join the fight. Who knows, there might even be some of their "kids" around. Just be careful, fight hard, and everything will be fine. Now we just have to find the spider king...." said Jonathan.

"What's that path up there lead to?" asked Alyss, pointing at a small path running up the rock, deeper into the cave.

"That does look like it leads to something," said Drake. "I say we try this way, but Alyss leads. She's a Venture member!"

"I agree." said Jonathan. "Let's go!" And then, beckoning to Bricks, who had been smashing Spiderlings the whole time, said, "Come on, Bricks!"

Bricks came following after them, along with the mysterious Paradox.

As they hiked, the cave got darker, except for the blotches of the luminescent Maelstrom goo, which grew thicker. 

They walked yet deeper. Signs that the miners had written on the fall said "KEEP OUT", and "BEWARE!". 

However they continued. 

The Paradox walked up to Jonathan. "There's something back here alright. The signs make it obvious." he said 

Jonathan starred at him. "You sound like a friend of mine, but he's an Assembly member...."

"I'm a man of many talents," he whispered, pulling back his hood to reveal he was Fred.

Jonathan laughed and patted his old friend on the back. "You turn up everywhere!"

"It certainly seems so," he mused.

The two laughed and shared recent stories.

The group continued. All of a sudden, blocking their ways was a huge Maelstrom barrier.

"Gas Masks everyone. We're going in." said Jonathan.

Again, Jonathan felt the awful presence of the Maelstrom, but when he went through. It didn't end. He looked ahead: a million arachnid eyes looked back.

A spider lunged forward, knocking off their masks.

"We aren't going back this time..." Jonathan whispered.

Thousands of metallic clicks sounded, and all was war.

Chapter 23: Betrayal

Jonathan took out his to powerful weapons. he destroyed hundreds, but more kept pouring in. Above on a cliff were the spider king and queen, firing their own energy blasts on the explorers. 

The spider king sent a huge blast directed toward Jonathan, but Alyss jumped between them. It hit her and she smashed instantly. 

"No!" said Jonathan.

In his anger, he ran forward into the mass of spiders and smashed hundreds. But they still kept coming. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bricks fighting valiantly, but then overcome by spiders and placed on a web. Fred was knowwhere to be seen. Jonathan was all that was left.

"Well, well, well.... If it isnt my good friend Jonathan again!" laughed a voice. 

Jonathan turned around. He saw Fred walking toward him, holding the staff of the Darkitect.

"What...? How...?!"

"Confused? Don't be. How did I overcome that spider who attacked you in Avant so long ago? I controlled it. I became your "friend". I learned a lot from you. Remember the time you first met me in my Darkitect form? How did I "save" you? I am much more powerful than a thousand minifigures! How can one overcome me, unless he is faking or lying? How did this whole army of spiders come here to kill you? I told them of course."

"No.... You can't be Fred...." said Jonathan miserably.

"Actually, I can." The Darkitect transformed back into Fred. He was smiling his same old smile. But it grew evil, and his face began to turn skeleton like. And he grew back up into the shady purple mist of Maelstrom. Then he was Fred again.

Jonathan fell backwards.

"Smash him." said the Darkitect.

Jonathan saw who appeaared to be his former friends issue his death sentence to more than a thousand spiders, and watched the spiders obey. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as the hoard ran at him, ready to end him. In his hands, he still held the to weapons. On the Sentinel Space ranger weapon, he read the charge up. "Blasts a rope that can hold up to four minifigures and gets them out of a tight spot."

"That's a bit too easy!" he thought. 

He pressed the chargeup button and just as a spider was going to crush him, he launched off into the sky. He grabbed Drake and Bricks from the web and gathered up Alyss's pieces and shot up higher to the roof of the cave. He looked out and saw a crack above the Maelstrom barrier. And swung into it. The Darkitect and the spiders fired blasts at them, missing by inches. In the crack, Jonathan quickly rebuilt Alyss.

"Let's not forget what we came for." said Jonathan. And as if they all had one mind, the four minifigures blasted the cliff that the spider king and stood on. It crashed into lots of spiders below smashing both them and the Spider Bosses.

The team raced down the same path they had come up with. Thousands of spiders and the Darkitect followed. 

The raced around the final corner. New recruits stared.

"RUN!!!!" shouted Jonathan.

The recruits needed no further warning as they saw all the spiders chasing after the four minifigures. A few stayed a fought bravely with their basic weapons, but most were smashed who did so.

They ran out the mine, and Jonathan took out his cellphone, dialed Duke, and shouted, "Get reinforcements!"

He put his phone away and ran.

Chapter 24: Reinforcements

It was a normal day for Epsilon Starcracker. The regular flow of newbies was going smoothly. One of his friends from the Sentinel camp had given him donuts. Today was a good day for him.

All of a sudden, he heard a huge quaking sound coming from the entrance to the spider cave and felt the earth rattling beneath him.

Epsilon quickly flew over to the entrance. He saw Jonathan come running out.

"Pick up your feet Jonathan!" said Epsilon. "What's wrong?"

"Them," said Jonathan.

And a huge mass of arachnids and the rest of his team came out, followed by the Darkitect.


"Build that beacon! We need them to guide the Sentinels here!" shouted Jonathan. "My team will get the rest."


Avant Gardens was chaos. Newbies ran everywhere, spiders swarmed the entire planet, the team and Epsilon kept trying to build all the beacons, which the Darkitect kept trying to destroy.

"Jonathan, build the beacon. I'll stand behind and guard you," said Epsilon.

Jonathan began to build it and finished. In a few seconds, an army of Sentinel jets roared over the mountain tops.

Brick bombs and Sentinel Space Rangers, Knights, and Samurais dropped from the sky. The Samurias went up on a ledge and fired their bows, smashing tons of spiders. The Knights ran forward in a group, working together and overcoming the spiders in seconds. The Space rangers were everywhere, blasting, bombing, and smashing spiders.

The remaining spiders started to flee back into the cave.

Somehow, the spider bosses emerged from the cave. Jonathan and his team took down the spider queen, and ran after the king, who was the climbing up onto the Assembly highway.

They climbed the rock and got onto the ruined highway. Bricks built a shield for them. 

The spider boss crackled with Maelstrom energy and started rapidly firing blasts at the team. The shield held.

The spider boss kept making them go backward. Blasts flew by them and hit their shield. To huge zaps flew behind them and took out part of the bridge.

Now they were cornered between a smashing drop and the Universe's toughest Maelstrom creature.

"Keep fighting!" shouted Drake.

The team took a step forward, forcing the massive spider backwards. Again they went forwards, attacking then blocking, pushing the spider boss further. 

The spider boss eventually was forced to the edge of the bridge. If he would move one more step backwards, he would fall down a sheer drop and be smashed.

But the spider boss didn't want to go down without a fight. He flung a web trap at Alyss knocking her backwards. With a huge leg, he launched bricks off the highway and into the raging battle below. 

"Just you and me, Jonathan," said Drake. "We can do this."

The two minifig team blasted, attacked, and charged with all their might, but the spider boss was too strong.

 At a distance, Jonathan saw Bricks stand up again. He saw Alyss become consious again, and saw his friend and teammate, Drake fighting for his life beside him. He saw the Fred, the minifigure who he had thought was his friend, smashing recruits and controlling the most evil and corrupted force in the Universe.

Anger took over Jonathan. He had been betrayed, and now he was probably going to smash. The Maelstrom had hurt his friends, and he wasn't about to let it get away with smashing everyone else.

With a sudden lunge of unimaginable power Jonathan ran at the spider and knocked it to the very edge of the bridge. Old cement chunks and wires fell into the deep gorge.

The spider king lost his footing and one back leg slipped over the edge. He gave an angry crackle and grabbed Jonathan as he began to slide further off the edge.

"NO YOU DON'T!" shouted Drake. He charged straight at the spider, sword held high. He smashed off the leg holding Jonathan and with his back rammed into the spider boss.

As he fell, the giant arachnid made the last move of his evil life, with his good remaining front leg, he ripped Drake off the edge with him.

Jonathan ran to the edge. All was in slow motion. He shouted hopelessly and miserably, "DRAKE!!!!"

Drake looked up sadly and then disappeared from view.

Chapter 25: Aftermath

Jonathan trudged mournfully through miscellaneous scrap metal and archnid limbs on the Avant Gardens battlefield to the smothering ruins of the Sentinel camp. Everyone had their Maelstrom vacuums and were cleaning up the mess. 

Jonathan limped slowly to a rock and sat down. His leg was sore. His head was sore. His right arm was sore. But above all, his heart was sore.

The awful scene kept replaying through his mind. Drake, falling.

After his mission to Gallant 5 with Drake, Jonathan and Drake had become close friends. Nothing could tear Jonathan's mind away from thinking his friend was smashed.

Avant Gardens was a wreck. Spiderlings had gotten everywhere. Even the monument was almost totally destroyed. Walking from the battlefield to the launch area was a huge challenge.

Alyss walked by and said hi, but Jonathan couldn't get any words on his lips as he tried to respond.

Alyss turned around and sat down besides him. "I'm sorry about what happened," she said. "It was a terrible loss. I could tell you two were good friends."

Jonathan sighed.

"I wish there was something I could do to help," said Alyss.

"Don't worry about me," Jonathan managed to say. "Maybe one day, we can see him again. I should probably start helping you guys anyway...."

"You don't have to help us. We have hundreds of recruits helping already. I'm sure they'd understand why you're not there."

"I guess they would..." said Jonathan.

"I miss him too." said Alyss with a small sniffle. "He was funny, loyal, hard-working, strong...." She trailed off. "I had better get going now. Bye Jonathan."

Even as she left, Jonathan could tell she was crying.

Jonathan's rocket touched down on the Nexus Tower launchpad. He climbed out and went to the Sentinel floor in the tower.

Duke sat in chair silently. Neither Duke nor Jonathan greeted eachother, but instead sat in silence.

After a while Duke turned his chair to face Jonathan. He sighed deeply and said, "Not all is lost."

Jonathan still did not meet his gaze.

"Avant Gardens is peaceful at last. The Darkitect's strongest servant is gone -"

"Along with one of our best fighters and my friend," Jonathan said coldly.
"I know that all too well."

"I'm going to find him", said Jonathan. "Smashed or built, I'm going to find him. He sacrificed his life for me. I am not going to let him sit at the bottom of an unknown gorge!"

"Well spoken. I'm in total agreeance with you," replied Duke.

"I don't know what's down there. I need to get my other two teammates to help me."

"I have been given and idea of what's back in that gorge. I've been thinking it over, and guessing you would want to do this, I have made my decision that I am coming with you," said Duke.

Jonathan starred at Duke, shocked. "You'll help me?"

"Drake was a friend of mine, too, you know!" said Duke. "Of course I will!"

"Get the rest of the team. When shall we go on the mission?" asked Jonathan.


The next day, Jonathan, Bricks, Alyss, and Duke Exeter launched out of Nexus Tower to return to Avant Gardens. As they flew over it, the were able to take in the full extent of the damage.

The monument, in ruins. The great minifigure's head disconnected a on the ground. The Sentinel Camp, now not much more than a mass of still slightly smoking rubble. The spider cave, collapsed at it's center, and sizzling with Maelstrom goo.

The worst sight was the battlefield. Bricks, smashed Maelstrom and minifigure elements covered everything. Workers and recruits were scurrying around, trying to piece them back together.

What had been left of the Paradox  research facility was now all gone. All that was left was the launchpad, which was cracked in half and darkened by gunshots.

They group landed slowly and hopped out of their rockets. They walked past weary workers, who hardlysuppressed a small hello.

They continued walking to the edge by the Paradox camp. They slowly pushed the trees apart and went through.

Suddenly, Duke, who was leading yelled, "Stop!"

The team stopped and looked down.

They were starring into a massive gorge.

Chapter 26: The Gorge

"We have a long hike down in head of us..." muttered Bricks.

"No kidding," said Alyss.

"I brought parachutes. We can use them," said Jonathan. "Sorry non Sentinels. They have the Sentinel logo on them."

Alyss laughed. "I dont care! I just wanna find Drake."

At the mention of Drake's name, everyone stood in silence for a while.

Jonathan unpacked the parachutes silently. He had one to each of his partners.

Finally, Duke broke the silence. "Let's go." he said. And Duke jumped into the abyss. The others followed.

They opened their brick parachutes early, since they had no idea when they might hit the bottom. The only light was coming from spots of Maelstrom goo, glowing on the sides of the gorge.

They kept falling. No one said a word. Bricks took out a flashlight and shined it below him. Still no bottom in sight.

As the kept descending, they noticed odd things on the gorge walls: A minifig skeleton, still with it's backpack and flashlight in hand, with a Stromling like weapon through him.

"Gross..." whispered Alyss.

"I don't think we're alone," said Duke, starring at the other side. A faint mechanical hiss sounded,  a blast of electricity lit up the gorge for a second, and the Spiderling was gone.

"I think I see the bottom!" said Bricks. The explorers looked down. The bottom was only about 20 feet away. It was rough and jagged, with broken bricks of Minifigures and Stromlings alike. 

Jonathan landed first, and Duke right behind him. The rest of the team came down a few seconds later and retracted their parachutes. 

"We have to be close." said Jonathan. "This is about where"-he choked"-h-he fell."

"Stay together and search." said Duke. "I don't know what's down here and we can't get separated. Understood?"

The team murmed a yes in reply and began searching the rocks for clues.

Bricks went slightly further than the rest of the group. He looked back and saw that he was still in seeing distance. As he turned to face the other way again, his foot hit a mushy substance and he tripped. He looked up quickly to see what it was. He shined his flashlight on the object. It was a huge, purple and black, still smoking arachnid leg.

"Guys! Quick! Over here!" he yelled.

"Keep your voice down!" whispered Duke. He ran over. Jonathan dropped the Rick he was examining and rushed over with Alyss.

"Oh my bricks..." said Alyss. 

But she wasn't looking at the leg. She was looking at the Spider King, hanging on a cliff just slightly above them.

"We're coming, Drake."

Chapter 27: Drake

Jonathan was the first to react. He raced to the cliff and started to find foot holds. He slowly began to climb.

Bricks and Alyss came right after him. Although Drake was not too far up, climbing the cliff's side was difficult. The rock was straight up, and there was hardly anything to get a hold on.

Now ten feet up, Jonathan looked down to check on his team. Alyss was just a few feet below him, Bricks below her, and Duke was bringing up the rear.

Without warning, the rock Jonathan's foot was on cracked. Jonathan slipped down dangerously low, almost hitting Alyss, but remained a tight hold on the rock. The rock fragment fell on Duke.

"Watch it..." said Duke. He overcame his annoyance and asked Jonathan if he was alright. 

He managed a weak "Yes" in response, and slowly hauled himself up to the next set of footholds. He lifted up his arm and hit a flat surface. He was at the top of the cliff.

Driven by the desperation to get back Drake, he launched himself atop the cliff and ran to Drake's side. His eyes were closed. There was an enormous gash on his side, and his arm was bent at a bad angle.

Jonathan placed his hand over Drake's heart. he was still alive. But bearly. He had lost to much blood.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jonathan saw Alyss scramble up behind him, Bricks right after her.

He put his hand over Drake's head.

"He has a really bad fever." Jonathan said. "It feels like he's burning up!"

Duke, who had climbed over the top onto the cliff, took out a foldable stretcher. "This is all I've got," he said. "We're going to have to find a way to get him out of here."

"Be thankful he's alive," said Bricks beside Drake. 

"He might not be ling if we don't act!" Alyss said.

"Yes, Alyss is right," said Jonathan. "We have to get him back to the tower soon. I'll clean his injuries and set his arm in a cast. But that's all we can do besides getting moving."

Duke took charge. "Alyss and you, stay by Drake. Bricks and I will try to find a way out of this canyon. I knows there's a way to the north. I just have to find it."

"Good luck," said Jonathan.

"Same to you," said Bricks, saluting them. Then Bricks and Duke descended into the fog.

Jonathan turned back to face Drake. He was pale and unmoving. His hair and shirt were soaked in sweat. Drake - the hero - reduced to this.

Suddenly, Drake took in a loud, hoarse breath. 

"Drake! Drake!" shouted Jonathan. "Are you awake?!"

He was pleading. Sweat was forming on his brow.

He looked at Alyss. She had reduced to tears.

"What if... if...?" she gulped,"he doesn't... live?"

"He will," said Jonathan dressing the wounds.

"Aye.... Perhaps.... But the pain is killing nonetheless. Make sure to put some more anti-sting cream on next..."

Jonathan and Alyss jumped back. 


He mumbled something, and his breathing returned to normal.

Jonathan fell over in relief, laughing. "He's going to be ok!"

Alyss smiled warmly. "Let's get him down off this cliff. That way, it'll be easier to follow the others."


They slowly began to lift down Drake on the stretcher. By keeping on hand on the rock and the other supporting the stretcher, Drake was on the ground in about an hour.

Bricks and Duke came running out of the fog.

"We found a way!" Bricks shouted.

"Good. You got him down." said Duke happily. His tone seemed to become more dark. " We have to go. Now."

They followed Bricks and Duke into the darkness. Duke only had one flashlight to guide the way.

In 10 minutes time, the group reached a small ramp to go up. The top was just a crack of light.

"Go! Go! Go!" said Duke giving everyone a pat on the back as the went on to the ledge.

There was no way to tell time. Duke's phone had quit. All the group knew is that they had been traveling a long time.

The trudged on, sometimes slipping and tripping over the rough terrain.

Eventually, the made it to a large cliff. "We'll camp here." Jonathan said.

He stepped on to the cliff. He slipped and landed hardly on his back. The rock cracked around him.

"Not rock..." he whispered.

The edge of the ice cliff began to crumble, getting closer to Jonathan. Bricks instinctively reached out his hand.

"I'm not gonna let you fall!" 

Chapter 28: Preparations

Dr. Overbuild stood on a large stand, overlooking a crowd of thousands. 

"A war is about to start. The Maelstrom has overthrown Avant Gardens, Nimbus Station, most a Crux Prime and other planets. This is the last safe place in the Universe. Here, we will make our final stand against Baron Typhonus and the Maelstrom!"

His thunderous words echoed through out the silent tower. The army still had their eyes on him.

"We fight for our home! Our friends! Our Universe! But, most importantly, we stand for the power of Imagination! You have all answered the call and here we are. This is it. The final battle. Typhonus will not skip this clean opportunity to wipe out imagination forever. The faction leaders here cannot thank you enough," Doc Overbuild shouted, then added quitely, "May He give us strength."

Many of the Minifigures shouted a yes in response. Soon, the whole tower was shouted this and many more things.

"For Imagination!"

"Protect the Universe!"

After the minifigs had gone into the tower, the three present faction leaders remained. Dr. Overbuild, Hael Storm, and Vanda Drakflame looked down on Crux Prime. Purple flashes of Maelstromic light shown on the surface of the destroyed world.

"It appears he's mustering everything he's got, maties..." said Hael.

"This is going to be the biggest battle in the history of our Universe." Doc Overbuild predicted. "We'll get the Nexus Force rested. The battle will begin tomorrow."

He turned and left, his white cloak swirling behind him. 

"Where is Duke when we need him most?!" he muttered.

Dr. Overbuild went into the Nexus Tower elevator, and up to the Assembly level. Inside, a few hundred Assembly recruits had gathered, discussing new fighting-building techniques to use for the upcoming battle. The old master builder smiled to himself and took a seat at his desk.

"We'll be ready for you Baron," he  whispered.

Chapter 29: Plotting

Baron Typhonus - the Darkitect, controller of the Maelstrom, his army of chaos, whisped through his forces, whispering unintelligible words as he past to each group.

He made it to the front of his enormous army. Above him, Nexus Tower beamed with the power of the last pure source of imagination.

"Welcome," the Darkitect said his dark, menacing voice. "Tomorrow, we shall fight to gain control of this Universe, and rule it by chaos..." His words echoed throughout the crowd Maelstrom creatures. "You have done well," he continued."We will easily destroy this rust bucket!"

There were shouts and grunts of agreement from the army.

"Imagination shall fall. Chaos shall reign!"

The army went into an uproar, shouting, shrieking and grunting at the tower.

The Drakitect laughed to himself and disappeared.

Bricks thrust out his hand and Jonathan grabbed hold. The ice cracked closer and closer to where he lay. Bricks tugged at Jonathan, and Duke quickly joined to help him. He was almost on when the rest of the cliff fell and went spiraling into the darkness.

Duke and bricks pulled Jonathan up.

"You all right...?" said Duke. "You gave us quite a scare!"

"Don't worry about me. We're stuck now!" said Jonathan.

"No we aren't," said Alyss. "Look! Where the edge of the ice clung on, there's rock. It's reall thin, but we can do it."

"Too thin..." said Bricks.

"She's right!" said Jonathan. "It's our only chance of going on. We'll have to be very careful with Drake, though."

"Let's go, then!" said Duke. "We have to get ALL of us to safety."

Jonathan timidly set one foot on the thin ridge and found a hand hold. He leaned all his weight on the ridge and slid a foot away from the broken edge.

"Pass me Drake," he said. "Some one else, hold him from the other side. We'll go slowly."

"I'll do it," Alyss said quickly. She passed Jonathan the front of the stretcher and she set out onto the ledge. Bricks and Duke followed them.

After a half hour of near deaths from falls, slow sliding, and complete silence, the group fell over on the other side.

"Please say it's not ice this time..." said Jonathan groggily. "Let's get some rest...."

His team was already fast asleep.

Chapter 30: Emerging

"To the balconies!" shouted Dr. Overbuild. "All minifigures to the launchpads!"

Everything was madness. Thousands of minifigures ran everywhere to guard their home. 

Clang! The launchpad doors shut. Tons of minifigs waited inside, ready to fight when the doors fell.

Dr. Overbuild and the other two present faction leaders stood on a balcony over looking the launch area. Below, the saw the battle beginning. The wind blew hard and cold, and on it came the smells of rot and burning - the Maelstrom army.

The tower slowly succumbed to silence. Everyone was waiting. 

After half an hour, there were shouts from the left launchpad. Dr. Overbuild looked down. Spiderlings were climbing the side of the tower. Hundreds of them. They would be at war in a few minutes. 

He saw the brave minifigures prepare for the onslaught of spiders that would come any minute. Inwardly, Dr. Overbuild saluted them. He then continued shouting orders to the rest of the Nexus Force.

Jonathan awoke. He shook his team to wake them too.

"Wake up! We have to get going!"

Duke grunted and rose. He helped the others to their feet, and lifted Drake's stretcher.

"If we hurry, we can make it out of here in five hours or so," Duke said.

They made no delay and set off. No one dared looked down at the deepening chasm below them.

They took a break three hours into the climb. The crack had grown huge, and light was looting through, straight down on them. It had to be about noon.

Two and half hours later, Jonathan felt his blistered hand hit something soft: grass and earth.

"We've done it!" he exclaimed. He looked down. His companions were grinning from ear to ear.

Jonathan helped bring Drake up, and lifted the others out. They were near the Sentinel Encampment.

But something was wrong.

There was no movement. Not a single new recruit, Stromling, or corrupted robot. Duke's smile quickly vanished.

"Let's go to Nexus Tower..." he said. "We have to find out what's happened."

The group hurried off past the monument and to the launch area.

Chapter 31: The Final Battle

Dr. Overbuild held a lot of chainsaws. He swept through the hordes of Stromlings that had been lifted onto the launchpads by dragons. The monsters never seemed to stop coming.

Minifigs on the balconies shot the creatures with their blasters and guns. The monsters smashed, but it seemed hundreds more replaced each fallen one.

Out of the corner of his eye, Hael Storm saw a group of minifigs get thrown back by a Stromling Admiral's chain gun, another dragon unload more enemies.

He wished he could help. But he was fighting a Maelstrom Dragon invader solo, and if he ran, he'd be toasted to bits. He watched a minifigure fall off the launchpad. He was driven mad with anger, and ran at the dragon. He smashed it in no time at all, and ran to help.

Vanda Darkflame was worried. Baron Typhonus hadn't shown his face yet. When he did, there would be real trouble. 

She smashed down three robots in one strike. She used her imagination and rebuilt them. They were now fighting on her side.

There was a tremendous crash as a dragon purposely dove into a blast door, which was protecting the inside of the tower. The dragon and the door smashed. 

Everything on the battlefield seemed to have stopped. A Stromling was the first to react.

Raising his clawed arm in triumph he shouted:


Instantly, the battle was on again. The Maelstrom forces ran to the door. The ones that made it past that were smashed by the larger army waiting behind the doors.

Meanwhile, Duke got Bricks to build a large rocket to transport them to the tower. Bricks hurriedly got them inside. They took off.

As they took off, the ride become bumpy.

"Chaos is in the air," said Jonathan.

As they neared the tower, the rocket was knocked around by mad. In the distance they heard guns firing, swords clanging, and shouting.

The launchpad was coming up fast. They saw the battle. They started in shock in horror at Nexus Tower, the brave minifigures, fighting for their lives, and the colossal amount of Maelstrom. 

They crashed down on the middle launchpads, crushing a few Stromlings. "Jonathan! Get him to the infirmary!" shouted Duke. "We'll meet you over by..."

His final words were drowned out by the noise, and he lost sight of his mentor.

"Bye..." he whispered. He saw his other two team members, smashing enemies to clear a way for him. 

Jonathan lept through the ruined doorway, and to the elevators. He immediately pushed 11th level button - the location of the Nexus Tower Hospital.

He raced Drake in. He put him on a bed and put a cold cloth on his head. He raced around in the drawers and pulled out an Imaginite Herb. He opened Drake's mouth and shoved them in by small amounts.

"Please work..." he said desperately.

"Those taste disgusting.... I need some proper food.... A pizza, fries and some pop would do me well...."

He was getting somewhere. That was definitely Drake.

"I don't have that, old friend," he said and laughed.

Out of nowhere, Jonathan heard a booming laugh. He ran to the window. 

There was the Darkitect, materializing out of nothing.

Even Drake sat up.

"Not good. I didn't order pizza from him...."

The battle below again stopped and there was dead silence. 

The Darkitect was almost transparent. He was huge, and was riding on purple cloud.

"This your last chance to surrender, and I won't smash you all like I have planned," he said darkly.

Instantly, shouts of "Never!" "For Imagination!" and "We stand strong!" rang across the tower.

"SILENCE!!!" shouted the Darkitect. His anger smashed the first line of minifigs closest to him.

"Have it YOUR way," he said. He laughed.

Four dragons flew out of the darkness. They had four wings on each, and were covered with spikes. Butterscorch led them to the tower.

Baron blasted the remaining two doors to bits and disappeared. The dragons flew in.

Even Stromlings ran in fright from them. Hundreds of figs swarmed around the dragons. They fought valiantly, but the dragons were to strong. The inside of the main floor on Nexus Tower was soon ablaze.

The tower shook as the dragons rammed into anything in their path.

"Are you feeling ok?" asked Jonathan. 

"I'm fine. We need to get down there," Drake replied.

Jonathan tossed him another herb. "Eat it. It'll help you out there."


Suddenly, Jonathan and Drake were thrown backwards. They hit the window overlooking the last source of pure Imagination.

"No..." said Jonathan.

He could hear the Darkitect's laughter from outside the tower as the Imagination column was corrupted. The inside of the tower was beginning to be ripped apart.

The two slid the other direction. The tower was falling.

They looked out the window on the other side. Below the launchpads, the Darkitect had summoned all the Maelstrom and chaos he had. He was slowly eating away at himself. But, as the source grew more corrupted, he smiled evilly, and new power surged through him.

The glass behind them was ripped to bits by the corrupted core.

The two ran to the door and took the stair route. The jumped each flight of stairs. When Jonathan saw the armory entrance, he lept inside. He came out five seconds later carrying four jetpacks.

"What -" Drake began.

"No time now!" yelled Jonathan above the noise of the armory exploding behind them. 

The two ran and jumped to the main floor. It felt like a furnace, and everything seemed to be burning. They were covered in sweat. 

Jonathan saw Alyss smashing a four winged dragon. He yelled at her to come help, and she followed right away.

"Drake!" she cried happily.

"Bricks!" Jonathan shouted, still running. His teammate jumped out of a huge tower gun he had made.

"Here!" he called, following his friends.

They ran out the middle launchpad door. Jonathan tossed each of his team members a jetpack.

"Trust me," he said, and he lept off the launchpad.

Shock and horror filled the other minifigures' eyes. "Oh my..." Alyss said. She jumped off after him. The other two followed.

"You're not going on an adventure without me!" Jonathan heard a shout beside him. There was Duke, with his own jetpack.

The team was on the hard surface of Crux safely in no time at all.

"I have a plan!" shouted Jonathan. "You must let your imagination flow through me in order to do this. Ok?"


They stood in a line, facing the tower. Behind them, they could hear the Darkitect laughing. In front, the tower stood at a seventy degrees angle, slowing falling toward the Darkitect.

Jonathan thrust one hand back, and his teammates grabbed it. He held his other hand forward.

Fifty-five degrees. Minifigs and Stromling alike struggled to remain on the tower.

"FOR IMAGINATION!" Jonathan shouted.

A wave of pure Imagination came out of Jonathan. His friends' imagination flew through him. The laser like beam shot into the crumbling tower. The tower glowed electric blue and it began to rise. The doors and smashed minifigures rebuilt. The inside of the tower went back to normal.

Jonathan focused most of the energy on the Imagination Nexus. The purple stream above the tower became Imagination again.

Maelstrom creatures of every kind smashed, and the Imagination Nexus began to grow. 

The Darkitect screamed and shrunk. In his place stood the terrified, uncorrupted Baron Typhonus. 

Jonathan blacked out and saw no more.


Nexus Tower bustled with activity. Every minifig in the Universe had come to celebrate the victory over Baron Typhonus. The huge crowd was smiling and laughing.

In a side room, Jonathan, Alyss, Drake, and Bricks talked together.

Jonathan had waken up three days after sending all his Imagination into the tower. He was not his old self for the time, but his strength was recovering well. There was a small knock on the door, and Duke Exeter quietly entered the room. He walked over to the quiet foursome.

Jonathan shot up immeadiatly. "Where's Typhonus?!"

"He has changed his ways," Duke replied. "Though what he did will never be forgotten, hopefully it can be forgiven."

Jonathan sat down again, thoroughly convinced.

"Thanks cannot be expressed in words for what you four did," he said. "You saved everyone. I have decided that I should give all of you each a gift.

"To Bricks, I give you Doc Overbuild's second pair of double arms, in the hopes that you will be able to build even bigger and greater things."

Duke handed over the arms to the completely shocked Bricks. He took it with care and he kept saying "Thank you, thank you!" He put on. The others agreed it fit him well.

Duke turned to the next person.

"To Alyss, I give you a map of the entire Universe, or as far as it has been mapped, so that you will never be lost in your adventures. A block will appear always over your location."

Alyss took the map, amazed that it  was hers. No one else could have had a map as awesome as this. All the worlds were drawn in very acute detail, not even missing the small picnic table in the launch area. "Thank you," she said quietly.

He walked over to the next person.

"Drake, I give you my sword, as I will be of no need of it."

Duke unsheathed the sword and handed it to Drake. Drake could only say a brief "thanks" before passing out cold.

At last, Duke turned to Jonathan.

"Follow me," he said.

Jonathan got up and followed him out the door. Outside, the other three faction leaders stood waiting.

Duke led them down many flights of stairs blocked off and they needed tons of I.D. scans.

Finally, the reached the bottom of the stairs. A door in front of them read, "Imagination Room".

Duke scanned at least five different cards in the door until it finally opened. 

Inside the room, beatiful plants grew everywhere. The room itself  was beautiful, glowing a bright blue. But dominating the scene stood the Imagination Nexus.

"Twenty years ago, Doc, Hael and myself stood at this very location. When planet Crux exploded, we were left on the largest chunk: Crux Prime, as it is called today. This is the where Doc put down the Imagination to create this," said Duke. He nodded at Doc Overbuild.

"And now, it's yours." Doc walked up to the Nexus and reached into it. The Nexus disappeared. Duke walked over to the group and opened his hand. In his palm was a tiny blue orb, the same that Dr. Overbuild had planted there years ago. Vanda took out a small black box, and Doc took the glowing sphere and put it in the box. They returned it to Duke, who handed it Jonathan.

"You've proven that you are the most courageous minifigure in the Universe. Over the years, this has become the most power source of Imagination. One day, I hope we can restore it to its full glory." Then Duke left, followed by the other faction leaders.

"Ready?" Jonathan asked.

"As ready as you are!" said Drake.

"We'll be fine," said Bricks.

"Whatever," Alyss said jokingly.

"So many people.... All with the same dream. And we did it - every last minifig here," Jonathan said quietly. He looked at his watch. "It's time."

The group walked out the crumbled blast doors and onto what remained of the three launchpads.

They joined the large line of minifigs before a new Venture Explorer, which hovered in between to launchpads. It was at least three times larger than it's former model. It shown with metallic greens and silvers. In back stood the largest engines any of the minifigures had ever set their eyes on. Slowly, the line advanced forward. When they finally entered, they saw how big the spacecraft really was. Seats were everywhere to hold the massive amount of minifigs. 

Jonathan, Bricks, Drake, and Alyss headed toward the unoccupied back of the massive ship. A large window faced the tower behind them.

The captain, Hael Storm, said they were ready to take off. His voice cracked at the end. "It's time to start anew!"

As the engines started, a tear rolled down Jonathan's cheek. Alyss took his hand as he looked back on the tower for the last time. The familiar glow of the Imagination Nexus was gone from the tower, but it still stood, magnificent as it had and would always be. Jonathan, Alyss, Bricks, and Drake would have the picture of the tower fading into the clouds imprinted in their minds for the rest of their lives. The ship rumbled forward and Nexus Tower, Avant Gardens, Nimbus Station, and everything disappeared.

The End

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Nexus Tower bustled with activity. The huge crowd was smiling and laughing.

In a side room, Jonathan, Alyss, Drake, and Bricks talked together.

Jonathan had waken up three days after sending all his Imagination into the tower. He was not his old self, but his strength was recovering well. Duke Exeter quietly entered the room.

"Thanks cannot be expressed in words for what you four did," he said. "You saved everyone. I have decided that I should give all of you a gift.

"To Bricks, I give you Doc Overbuild's second pair of double arms, in the hopes that you will be able to build even bigger and greater things."

Duke handed over the arms to the completely shocked Bricks. He took it with care and he kept saying "Thank you, thank you!" He put on. The others agreed it fit him well.

Duke turned to the next person.

"To Alyss, I give you a map of the entire Universe, so that you will never be lost in your adventures. A block will appear always over your location."

Alyss took the map, amazed that it  was hers. No one else could have had a map as awesome as this. All the worlds were drawn in very acute detail, not even missing the small picnic table in the launch area. "Thank you," she said quietly.

He walked over to the next person.

"Drake, I give you my sword, as I will be of no need of it."

Duke unsheathed the sword and handed it to Drake. Drake could only say a breif "thanks" before passing out cold.

At last, Duke turned to Jonathan.

"Follow me," he said.

Jonathan got up and followed him out the door. Outside, the other three faction leaders stood waiting.

Duke led them down many flights of stairs blocked off and they needed tons of I.D. scans.

Finally, the reached the bottom of the stairs. A door in front of them read, "Imagination Room".

Duke scanned at least five different cards in the door until it finally opened. 

Inside the room, tons of beatiful plants everywhere. And doninating the scene stood the Imagination Nexus.

"Twenty years ago, Doc, Hael and myself stood at this very location. This is the where Doc put down the Imagination to creat this," said Duke. He nodded at Doc Overbuild.

"And now, it's yours." Doc walked up to the Nexus and used his Imagination to collapse the Nexus into the same small ball it had began as. Vanda took out a small black box, and Doc put it in. They gave it to Duke, who handed it Jonathan.

"Ready?" he asked.

"As ready as you are!" said Drake.

"We'll be fine," said Bricks.

"Whatever," Alyss said jokingly.

"So many people.... All with the same dream. And we did it - every last minifig here," Jonathan said quietly. He looked at his watch. "It's time."

The group walked out the crumbled blast doors and onto what remained of the launchpads as Doc Overbuild started repairing the mess. 

The joined the large line of minifigs before a new Venture Explorer. Slowly, the line advanced forward. When they entered, the saw how big the spacecraft really was. Seats were everywhere to hold the massive amount of minifigs. 

Jonathan, Bricks, Drake, and Alyss headed toward the unoccupied back of the massive ship. A large window faced the tower behind them.

The captain, Hael Storm, said they were ready to take off. His voice cracked at the end. "It's time to start anew!"

As the engines started, a tear rolled down Jonathan's cheek. Alyss took his hand as he looked back on the tower for the last time. The ship rumbled forward and Nexus Tower, Avant Gardens, Nimbus Station, and everything disappeared.

The End

Well, this is a short story I wrote about LEGO Universe. I doubt any of you are going to read it, but just in case. Razz I hope you enjoy it! If you'd like, read it on Rioforce's amazing blog, the link to which is in the LU Media forum.

Now: just a few things.

Yes, I double posted. Could you imagine if I didn't? Razz

If anyone quotes any part of this topic, I will be furious and will delete their message. I hope you understand why. Razz


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Amazingly amazing! I gota reread it soon.. Haven't in a while. :P

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The story has been updated!


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